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To revitalize the Plattsmouth Main Street business district.


- by promoting preservation of its unique historic resources.


- by bolstering local pride by enhancing community identity, heritage, and quality of life.


- by fostering a center of activity with citizen involvement.


-by strengthening the economic base through concentrated efforts in 

    • Design,

    • Economic Revitalization,

    • Organization, and

    • Promotion.


Our city gets its name from its location at the confluence of the Platte River and the Missouri River - hence "mouth of the Platte" - making us quite literally the only "Plattsmouth" on the planet! (:>))

The Lewis and Clark Expedition of 1804 camped on our west bank of the Missouri River just south of present day Plattsmouth in an area later called Kenosha.  Just to the north they explored a portion of the Platte River previously discovered and named by Pierre and Paul Mallet in 1739.  French fur trappers knew this portion of the Louisiana Territory very well. 

By 1854, our area had grown from a trading post known as "the Old  Barracks" to become a Missouri River crossing point where many wagon trains made their way into the expanding United States.  "The area that is now lower main street was the staging point for the South Platte Trail of the Oregon Trail. For approximately 18 years an average of 12,000 pioneers per month headed west on this trail. (ack - The book Plattsmouth, by Dale M. Bowman)

Incorporated in 1855, we have one of the oldest commercial streets in Nebraska, the county seat of Cass County, a designated "An All American City" by Mrs. Laura Bush in 2006 and a Nebraska "Main Street Community" since 2000. 



Plattsmouth, "The Jewel Of The Platte", is on the move.

The Plattsmouth Main Street program, city government, building and business owners work together to preserve and maintain our historic downtown, our infrastructure, and   historic buildings.  In July 2010 we began revitalizing a five block corridor as a Victorian streetscape with new sidewalks, decorative lighting, trees, planters, and benches.

Plattsmouth, one of the oldest communities in Nebraska, is a cultural  center, whose downtown is designated as a Historic District with 42 registered historic buildings.  Fine dining, antiques, entertainment, art, and specialty retail stores attract visitors who want to walk into history.  Interpretive signage tells the rich history of the community.  Downtown provides the kind of place where people can spend a day, weekend, or a week.

Quality restaurants, bed and breakfasts, meeting places, and adjacent parks attract visitors from nearby population centers who are looking for a quiet and attractive location to share with friends.  Downtown residents, many of whom live in upper floor spaces, mingle with visitors to create a vibrant and proud culturally diverse atmosphere. 

Our Missouri riverfront beckons visitors for recreation, events, and a glimpse of the world as seen by 1804 explorers Lewis and Clark.  Diverse downtown businesses flourish and meet the needs of local residents.  Tourists are attracted by the safe, convenient and comfortable places to hang out.  Baby boomers, retirees, families, and people looking for a grand experience feel at home in Plattsmouth.